The Planning, Economics and Statistics Department is one of the six departments of LCAA. This department is currently headed by Mrs. Audrey Z. Johnson who has both a Bachelor and a Master degree in Business Administration and several ICAO and IATA Certificates. There are a total of 7 employees currently in the department

The PES Department’s responsibilities include the following: 1. To coordinate and implement the enforcement of economic regulations in collaboration with other departments of LCAA 2. To regulate all Travel Agencies (Air Ticket Sales Agency &Travel Services), General Sale Agencies and Regulated Agencies within the Republic of Liberia 3. To collect, interpret and make analysis of commercial air traffic statistics i.e. passengers movement (enplane and deplane) aircraft movements (inflow airlines operating within Liberia and as well carry out issuance of over-flight and landing permits based upon request made by unscheduled air craft operators.

The department is presently transitioning from PES to Air Transport Regulatory Department (ATRD) with the objectives of developing, facilitating and maintaining a saved, secured, efficient and effective air transport system for the traveling public in Liberia and to provide quality services through formulation of appropriate policies and legislations.

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