Mr. Varney Landa Matthews, Director of Aerodrome

Mr. Varney Landa Matthews is a dedicated, service-focused, and highly motivated leader in upgrading and maintaining standards in a professional work environment. He has outstanding abilities to quickly learn new concepts and skills and also to share knowledge considering his solid work history, reputation as a team player and passion for helping others.

As Director of Aerodromes and Ground Aids (AGA) and a certified International Airport employee, he is responsible for assisting the Director General in establishing laws and regulations governing airports, adapt best practices for local airport operations; ensuring airport certification, conducting  oversight and inspections; coordinating  Aerodrome/Airport safety related activities; work with local and international agencies on airport activities,

Varney is a graduate of the University of Liberia with a Bachelors of Science degree in civil engineering. In addition to his undergraduate degree, Varney has also acquired several professional certificates and trainings in and out of Liberia; some of which include Aerodrome design and Standards, Wildlife and Hazard control, Aerodrome Certification Process, Audit and Inspection, Regulatory Framework, Safety Oversight and Operations, Surveillance, Enforcement, Compliance, Airport Comprehensive Management including, Planning/Construction, Service Management, Air traffic Management, Airport Core Competence, Safety Management and Emergency Plan as well as software engineering with emphasis in database management.  

Prior to his appointment as Director, in 2007, Varney joined the LCAA’s team as Communication Engineer (IT Staff) where he coordinated all computers and computer related activities; Setup LAN (cable and wireless); Setup Access Databases to control – Over flight & Landing Permits information of aircrafts etc. 

In 2012, Varney migrated to the Roberts International Airport in several senior level positions including, Technical Assistant to General Manager, Manager ,Compliance Department and Acting Group Manager, Technical Services as well as, Acting Deputy General Manager for Technical Services. 

In early March 2020, he again rejoined the LCAA as Director of Aerodrome, the position he currently holds. 

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