Air Space Management


Our services

As part of LCAA role to ensure safe and expeditious air traffic flow for all flights in and out of Liberia airports, LCAA provides air traffic control and other air navigation services, as well as collates and disseminates essential aeronautical information for air navigation within the Liberia Terminal Control Area (TMA). We are also one of the agencies involved in the coordination of search and rescue operations in Liberia, through the Sub Rescue Coordination Centre (SRCC) located at the RIA Air Traffic Control Tower.

Air traffic management systems

In our management of airspace within the Liberia TMA, procedural or non-radar control is our primary means of controlling air traffic in the sky, adequate training internationally and on the job training enable air traffic controller to visualize the current air situation picture to manage traffic both in the air and within the aerodrome, effectively and safely.

Aeronautical information service

LCAA provides aeronautical information necessary for the safety, regularity and efficiency of international and national air navigation for the entire territory of Liberia within the Roberts Flight Information Region (RFIR).Basic aeronautical information document that contains permanent information essential to air navigation within Liberia is published in RFIR-Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) Liberia and its updates/amendments. The AIP is made up of three parts, namely General (GEN), En-route (ENR) and Aerodromes (AD).

Communications & navigation aids systems

Communications is an important aspect of air traffic control and management. Radio communications enable controllers and pilots to talk to each other via either voice or electronic data. Our various installations of navigation aids allow pilots flying from one airport to another to be assisted through the various stages of flight.In addition to controller-pilot communications, information exchange between aerodromes and RFIR in the form of Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS) is also an integral part of our air traffic operations.

Airspace management

The Roberts Terminal Control Area (TMA) is within the Roberts Flight Information Region (RFIR); 100 Nautical Miles (NM) centred on the Roberts DVOR extending upward to 10000 feet (Flight Level 100).The Roberts Control Zone (CTR) is within the Roberts TMA 15 Nautical Miles (NM) centered on the Roberts DVOR extending upward from above ground level (AGL) to 3000 feet.

Helicopter routes for flights inbound and outbound Roberts Control Zone are identified alphabetically using Track separation not less than 20 degrees apart and a minimum vertical separation of 500 feet and are instructed by ATC.

To permit light aircraft transit the Roberts CTR and to separate VFR from IFR flights making Instrument Approach to Runway (RWY) 04 or departing aircraft from RWY 22, a VFR Corridor is established along the shoreline 28 NM, extending upward from above ground level (AGL) to 500 feet and 1 (one) NM wide.

Search and rescue services

Search and rescue operations in Liberia is provided by the LCAA in collaboration with the Liberia’s Ministry of Defense, the Maritime and Port Authority of Liberia, the Meteorological Service of Liberia, the Ministry of Health, Liberia Police Force, Liberia Civil Defense Force, the Roberts International Airport and other government ministries, departments and agencies. Co-ordination in a search and rescue operation is conducted through the Sub Rescue Co-ordination Centre (SRCC) which is located at the RIA Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT).The address of the Sub Rescue Co-ordination Centre is as follows:

The Liberia Sub Rescue Co-ordination Centre

Box 68 Harbel,


Tel: +231 776 99 88 47

Tel: +231 776 99 88 25 


The SAR Service is provided in accordance with the provisions contained in the following ICAO documents:

Annex 12 Search and Rescue Annex 13 Aircraft Accident Investigation

Doc 7030 Regional Supplementary Procedures for Alerting and Search and Rescue Services applicable in the AFI Region.

Roberts Flight Information Region SAR Procedures.